In 1186 Saint Meinhard built a stone church in town of Latvia – Ikskile, which became the first capital of the Roman Catholic Bishopric of Livonia and the the first known stone building among the Baltic tribes. People used to walk their way to the church on the right riverbank of Daugava river until Riga hydroelectric power plan was built. Thereupon, church ruins remained on the newly formed isle and reachable by foot only on rare occasions. It remains unknown when the water level of Daugava river will be lowered next time… We, FilmDay, visited this unique place this year. We spent whole September carefully chosing the visiting time to ensure we explore the isle “different” and unique than other times. Enjoy watching our drone film of Isle of Saint Meinhard.

Year: 2017
Location: Latvia
Isle of Saint Meinhard: Svētā Meinarda Sala
Gear: Drone film shot on DJI Phantom 4